Double Cargo LiftsThe Stair Tamer is a patented cargo lift that makes the struggle of moving you belongings in and out of your home or cottage nearly effortless. It is the original personal cargo lift, built by Ricky's Welding, a business located 45 minutes from the Outer Banks in Shiloh, North Carolina.

Each Stair Tamer is constructed of all stainless steel (no rusting), nylon and a gear motor. Each single lift has a custom built basket (24"x48"x26") to meet your needs and has a 400lb weight capacity. The lift moves up and down at 9 1/2 feet per minute. It is easy to load at 32" high off the ground and stops at the top of the rail for unloading. The double lift (38"x38"x42") has a 1,000lb weight capacity and goes to the ground for easy loading. The weight capacities listed are for cargo only.

Each lift can be customized to meet the owner's needs. The Stair Tamer is built in a full service welding shop, which means anything is possible. For every Stair Tamer sold, Ricky himself first inspects the site where the lift is to be installed, then designs and builds the lift so it fits perfectly with the home, preventing the lift from being an eyesore.

The operation of the Stair Tamer is very user friendly. The cargo lift is operated by remote control and is cable driven. Each Stair Tamer comes with two remote controls when installed. The remote box can be locked so that no one can operate the lift without the remote controls. The motor installed on the Stair Tamer is a 3/4 hp, 11.5 amp electric motor and the overall unit uses a regular 110V power (GFI breaker). The lifts are designed with a brake so that the cargo basket cannot free fall if the cables fails.

The Stair Tamer has become very popular with beach cottage and vacation home owners along the Outer Banks.  Not only will it carry your cargo, but it works great for heavy items such as firewood, gas bottles and even pets! A Stair Tamer is also a great benefit for owners who rent their vacation homes during the tourist season. Renters really enjoy the benefit of the Stair Tamer and will come back year after year because of the convenience.  Repeat renters are more likely to respect your property and the lift can reduce damage from people hauling their belongings up and down the stairs.

If you have questions, or to order your own Stair Tamer, just give us a call at 252-336-4437.

About Ricky Edwards, Inventor of the Stair Tamer

Ricky, being from northeastern North Carolina and a regular visitor to the Outer Banks, realized about 10 years ago that there was no affordable, easy to operate cargo lift for transporting belongings in and out of the vacation homes on the Outer Banks. Anyone familiar with the Outer Banks knows that many of the vacation homes can be two, three, even four stories tall, and vacationers show up loaded down with cargo.

With the idea in mind, Ricky applied his years of welding knowledge to come up with a solution, the Stair Tamer. In 2001 Ricky successfully patented his invention, leading to the first personal cargo lift available on the market. Since then, hundreds of Stair Tamers have been sold.